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Who we are

Monash Caulfield Christian Union exists because Jesus died and rose again. He died in our place that we might live. We want everyone to know this good news as the gift of Jesus dying for us is only available to those who believe.

Our aim is to make, mature, and mobilise disciples of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God. We run a variety of events throughout the week that all are welcome to join. Whether you have been a Christian your whole life or know nothing about Christianity we would love you to come along. You can find up-to-date info on what we are doing through our facebook group or by joining our mailing list.

The Christian Union is an inter-denominational group of Christian students based at the Caulfield campus of Monash University. We are a member of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) and are affiliated with MONSU.



Weekly Activities

Everything we do is designed to make and mature disciples of Jesus. We study the bible in small groups to understand God, we run social events to get to know each other, we organise training so we can delve deeply into a topic and we run one-to-one discipling to be built up in Jesus. If you want to find out more about what we do then fill in the contact form, join our mailing list or join our facebook group.

This semester (Semester 1 2018) in our bible studies we are delving into the life of Jesus through the gospel of Luke. Right now we are running four bible studies with one designed particularly for international students.

We also have some evangelism training coming up later in the semester.



Come and join us for one, two or all three of our camps for the year.

On the 16th to the 18th March, 2018 we join up with the folks at Monash Clayton Christian Union to have fun and get to know your fellow students. We will open up God’s word together and it is simply a great way to start the year. We will be heading to the Upper Plenty Conference Centre this year.

In the middle of the year we join with Deakin Burwood and Monash Clayton for Summit. We will spend five days looking into God’s word and are investigating the Christ and Culture. There is lots of time to make new friends and learn more about God. This year we are at Rawson village from the 2nd to 6th July, 2018. You can also listen to the talks from Summit 2017 here.

At the end of the year in Canberra we have the National Training Event (NTE). We join together with campuses from all over Australia in early December (1st – 5th Dec, 2018) to hear Kevin DeYoung talk about who the ‘True and Living God’ is. We will gather in strand groups to look at how to understand the bible at a deeper level. There is also plenty of free time to check out Canberra and make new friends.


Core Beliefs

What we think is foundational for Christians to believe.

The Scriptures

The divine inspiration and infallibility of Holy Scripture as originally given and its supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

The Trinity

The unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the Godhead.


The universal sinfulness and guilt of humanity since the fall, rendering men and women subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.

Jesus' Birth

The conception of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit and his birth by the virgin Mary.


Redemption from the guilt, penalty and power of sin only through the sacrificial death, as our representative and substitute, of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God.


The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.


The necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit to make the death of Christ effective in the individual sinner, granting him or her repentance towards God, and faith in Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit

The indwelling and work of the Holy Spirit in the believer.

The Return

The expectation of the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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